Setting Up the Revolutionary PlayStation 5

Have you just got the new PlayStation 5? Get ready for a whole new level of revolutionary gaming experience. But first, you have to set the console up. Here are some steps to do that:

Setting Up The Base Or Stand

The first thing you do before setting up your PlayStation to the desired location is to set up and place its stand. You can attach the stand and place your ps5 on it for extra stability.

The ps5 can be placed on the location on its own but it would not be stable at all. The stand helps to keep it in a sturdy position. You can place your ps5 both in a vertical or horizontal position. The choice of the position depends upon the area you are putting your console in and the aesthetic you are going for.

Take out the black circular pieces of the stand. Rotate the plastic circles in opposite direction and push them together until you hear a click. Attack this stand to the rear side of the ps5 (horizontal or vertical) and place the console wherever you want.

Connect Your Console

Once you have placed your console in a properly ventilated area, connect to it your display. Connect the power cable from the ps5 box to the console and then to a power supply. Now connect the console to your TV through an HDMI cable. Make sure you use the one that comes in the box. Turn the ps5 on pressing the power button.

Now, set up an internet connection by going into settings and then into network settings. If you are using a wired internet connection, just use an ethernet cable to attach your console to the router.

Connect the Controller

Ps5 comes with a DualSense PS5 controller. You need to attach it to the console via a cable that comes in the box. Attach it to the controller and then to the USB port present in the front of ps5. Hold the PlayStation button that is present on the controller until it turns on. This cable will help charge your controller.

Set Up The System Software

After you have followed all the steps, you can now follow the on-screen instructions coming on the display to set up your ps5. Check for any system software updated in the settings. Update the software if it’s available.

You can also connect your console to PSN (PlayStation Network) if you already have a PlayStation app in your phone or if you already have an account.

Transfer Your Games or Data

You can transfer your data or games that are playable on ps5 from your ps4. You can use data transfer or extended PlayStation cloud storage. You can also attach an adapter such as Dreamcast SD card adapter to transfer data through SD card.

You can also download and purchase games in your ps5 from the PlayStation store. You can subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play online with your friends and to get a lot of other benefits.

Now that you are done doing all of that you can now enjoy playing your favourite games on the revolutionary PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

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